Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Winter Style

winter style, dressed for dreams

heeled hiker boots
black beanie outfits
socks with boots
A fashion statement that I feel like I don’t see being done enough is socks worn in a stylish way. Socks work best with moto boots or a chunky 70s heel. When wearing them with boots I love how a thick knit style looks, which is what I’m wearing here. With a heel I recommend picking a thin pair that hit right above the ankles. I find charcoal or grey to look the most chic.

Last week I was wearing my rose quartz coat and today I kept with the 2016 pantone theme and tried out a color similar to serenity. Both shades are soft but when paired with black keeps the look edgy and winter appropriate. I’m wearing heavy hiker boots and a beanie to achieve a completely different look than what I styled with the pink coat. Fashion is all about mixing up pieces in your closet to achieve completely different looks. For me, it all depends on what kind of mood I’m in that day. Today I’m clearly feeling a bit grungy.

Let me know if you style socks in any of your looks and tag me in it on Instagram so I can see! @dressedfordreams

Black Dress
Black Beanie
Hiker Boots
Grey Socks




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