Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Black Sweater Dress

christian louboutin eloise bag

black maxi sweater dress
maje basalt leather jacket
zara sweater dress
maje leather jacket, dressed for dreams
Hi ladies, I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I’m so excited to share my first post with my new haircut. It’s crazy how different it feels after chopping off 6 inches. My hair hasn’t been this short in years. I keep telling all my friends I have a lob and they completely laugh at me because it’s really not that short, ha. I like to think it’s a huge difference though. It’s funny how we drive ourselves nuts over things we notice about ourselves that no one else would. My friend Alix cut my hair and it was the best haircut I’ve ever received! She spent over an hour making sure it was perfect and thinned out my ends to create a choppy look. Her info is tagged on my instagram- @dressedfordreams. Highly recommend her :)

I recently came across this simple maxi sweater dress and I think I might go back for it in ivory. It’s the perfect wardrobe staple. I paired it with a shorter leather jacket that falls right above the hips. This creates a flattering hourglass silhouette with the tight dress. Be aware of where jackets fall on your body when wearing them over tight clothing. Long vs. short can make a huge difference in showing off the right places of your body. Pairing black on black doesn’t hurt either!


Black Sweater Dress
Black Leather Jacket
Christian Louboutin Eloise Bag
Christian Louboutin Pumps
Silver Sunglasses



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