Tuesday, June 27, 2017

National Sunglasses Day

Happy #NationalSunglassesDay! I'm excited to be partnering with The Vision Council to spread awareness about their 4th annual National Sunglasses Day. Sunglasses are definitely one of my favorite accessories but I wanted to share some info about why it's so important to wear them every time you step outside other than because they look cute.
Not all sunglasses offer UV protection so try to look for a sticker or label indicating that they can actually protect your eyes from the sun. Prolonged UV exposure can cause irritation to the eyes, trouble seeing, and my greatest fear- wrinkles around the eyes. Not cute!
A little something I didn't know is that darker lenses do not necessarily mean higher UV protection. Dark lenses without UV protection are actually worse than wearing no sunglasses at all because your pupils dilate and increase retinal exposure to UV. For more info on eye wear tips & trends head over to NationalSunglassesDay.com
So moral of the story- wear sunnies every time you leave your house. I throw mine on everyday mainly because I'm too lazy to do my makeup but I'm glad I know the health benefits associated. Some of my favorite trends right now are white frames, extreme cat eye, and my go-to gold/black round sunglasses. Today I'm wearing an amazing pair from Shwood. So shop away today and share your #SunglassSelfie !

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