Welcome to Dressed for Dreams!  I’m Cassandra, a NY native who currently works as an assistant buyer for a major department store.  As an industry insider I get to see (and choose) the products that will be coming out months in advance. So what does that mean for you? Well hello!  I’m here to share this info and provide tips with you on things that will still be relevant for seasons to come.

My hope is that Dressed for Dreams not only provides style inspirations, but the confidence to chase your own dreams. (I know you all have one) The first thing someone notices about you is your appearance. Looking polished while showing the right amount of personality through what you’re wearing can truly set you apart. Whether your dream is climbing the corporate ladder, landing your dream guy, or becoming an ‘it’ girl, when you look good you feel more confident. It’s that simple! So I hope my blog influences you to be an individual and buy what makes YOU feel good. Your personal style should be yours and not copied from a page in vogue.

Hope you enjoy and be sure to follow along!



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